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Because Coffee Knowledge Should Be Public Domain

Curious about coffee? That’s how we got started, too.

The whats, whys and hows of coffee are dizzying. From origins and blends, harvesting and roasting methods, must-dos and never-evers, knowing your beans can feel overwhelming. But at Public Domain, we don’t think it should be that way. We were founded on the principle of Coffee for All.

Don’t get us wrong: We’re hard-core, full-on coffee geeks. Our mission is to make every sip a singular experience and to empower fellow coffee fans with the knowledge and confidence to explore alongside us.

a coffee growing regions map, Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, Indonesia.

The Wide, Wild World of Coffee

Single-origin coffees are our passion. As a company, our home base is in Portland, Oregon, the Coffee Capital of the world. But our sourcing and sustainability experts travel far beyond local borders, discovering how nuances in elevation, soil and cultivation methods create flavors unique to their origins. And we make friends as we go: partners who grow, harvest and prepare beans in region-specific ways, and build their local communities at the same time.

Crafted By Us. And By You.

Once we’ve found the best beans on the planet, we get to do what we do best: lightly, precisely craft-roast them to bring out the very best in each harvest. Sometimes that means adapting our approach if the beans are naturally processed vs. washed. Or what species of arabica they were harvested from.

Not sure what any of that means? No worries. It’s all in our name: this knowledge is public domain, and if you ride along with us, we’ll fill you in on everything you could want to know about your beans — and how to grind them, and brewing techniques, and so on. All so you can create rewarding coffee experiences, right at home.

Details, Details

When you choose a blend or a single-origin coffee, it’s like choosing a wine: the more you know about where it comes from, and what it’s been through since it was harvested, the more you can appreciate what you notice in the aroma and flavor. So we offer up everything we know about our coffees. Like the fact that you’ll notice less acidity in a Sumatran coffee thanks to giling basah, the local washing process. You’ll find out about how direct trade impacts the coffee producers we partner with. Or how roasting in a LEED-certified building works. And other crazy-specific details that just make drinking coffee a little more interesting and fun.

We’re here if you want to go deep — or if you just want some of the best beans you’ll ever taste. And everyone at Public Domain is all-in on sharing what we know, then asking what you think too. Because we love hearing what fellow flavor adventurers have to say.

Ready to come along? There’s nothing to pack but your curiosity, and nothing to leave behind but your assumptions. Here’s to making great coffee, together.

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