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Toddy Brew Guide

If you thought cold brew was simply pouring room temperature brewed coffee over ice, think again. Cold Brew is how you create a coffee concentrate, the base of gobs and tons of fabulous cold (and hot) coffee drinks. It takes more patience than practice, young grasshopper.


  • Toddy Brewer with rubber stopper
  • Toddy Filter
  • Ground coffee (coarse grind)
  • Measuring cup
  • Scale, set to grams
  • Glass Decanter
  • Spoon
  • Foil, plastic wrap or a lovely dinner plate (optional)


  • Brew: Toddy Step 1
    Measure out 12 ounces of coarsely ground coffee and 7 cups of cold water, as the Toddy Cold Brew perfectly yields 38 ounces of concentrate.
  • Brew: Toddy Step 2

    Insert the stopper from the outside of the container. (If you insert it from the inside, you’ll have to stick your hand in the container. Yuck.)

  • Brew: Toddy Step 3

    Dampen the filter and place it in the bottom of the container.

  • Brew: Toddy Step 4

    Add one cup of water into the container. Just one cup. Yes, water first.

  • Brew: Toddy Step 5

    Then, add six ounces of coffee grounds. No need to stir.

  • Brew: Toddy Step 6

    Slowly pour three cups of water over the grounds and make sure that all are saturated evenly.

  • Brew: Toddy Step 7

    Now, add the remaining six ounces of coffee grounds and wait five minutes for the grounds to bloom.

  • Brew: Toddy Step 8

    Has it been 5 minutes? OK. Now pour the remaining three cups of water on top, but don’t be tempted to stir.

  • Brew: Toddy Step 9

    If needed, use a spoon to gently push down on the top grounds to make sure that they are saturated as well.

  • Brew: Toddy Step 9

    For a perfect cold brew with the Toddy Cold Brew System, let the grounds steep for a minimum of 12 hours on your countertop. You can cover the container with plastic wrap, foil or a dinner plate if you want, but it’s not necessary.

  • Brew: Toddy Step 11

    After at least 12 hours, remove the stopper from the bottom, place on top of your decanter, and let your cold brew s-l-o-w-l-y flow into the decanter.

    Get creative with your decadent coffee concentrate!


  • Remove the filter, rinse it off, keep it wet and store it in an air-tight ziplock bag in your refrigerator until the next use. The filter will last about 10 brews.
  • For the perfect cold brew, use one part coffee and either two or three parts water, milk or creamer.
  • Storing your cold brew is simple. Refrigerate it and it will stay fresh for two weeks.