Our Story. Our Cause.

We were hot before coffee was cool.

When most of America thought all coffee came from a can, we were pursuing our dream to craft-roast exceptional coffee and cultivate a passion for it among the public. And after decades of sourcing and roasting exotic beans for other coffee shops, Public Domain Coffee was born. At the corner of Broadway and Alder, in the heart of downtown Portland, Public Domain specializes in hand-crafted, freshly roasted small-batch coffees from around the globe.  No longer is remarkable coffee reserved for just the chosen few. Great coffee is now Public Domain.

Enjoy in our Portland store, or have them delivered fresh to your door.

Every drop counts toward water.org

As passionate as we are about our coffee, we’re just as passionate about clean water initiatives around the globe. We can’t take water for granted, as over a billion people lack access to safe water and adequate sanitation – a right deserved by all. That’s why for every bag of Public Domain coffee you purchase, a donation is made to water.org, an international nonprofit whose work continues to positively transform millions of lives around the world.

We’re so very fortunate to have access to clean water every time we brew a cup of coffee. And it’s our responsibility to help others.

Visit us in Portland.

We’re open for take-out orders: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Store Phone   (503) 243-6374

603 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205