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  • Sumatra Kerinci Natural

  • $16.00

    This single origin Sumatra Kerinci Natural coffee is slow roasted to bring out the brighter notes of wine, cherry and chocolate in these 100% Arabica Specialty coffee beans. The volcanic soil of the Koperasi ALKO grower’s co-op, located on the highest volcano in Indonesia, helps produce this unique and exceptional limited time offering.

    Whole Bean, 8 oz

  • Roast Level: Medium-Light
    Roast Level:
    Type: Single Origin
    Single Origin
    Process: Natural

Roaster's Notes

In Indonesia, growing and harvesting quality beans is only half the challenge. Due to unpredictable torrents of rain and rugged roads, the remote, high-altitude farms of Mount Kerinci face an additional barrier in transporting their beans. Thanks to carefully nurtured relationships with the local Koperasi ALKO grower co-op and our export partner, we’ve been able to help establish reliable and quick routes to market, adding to economic stability for 476 farmers. 

Many Sumatran coffee beans are processed in a way that results in an earthy flavor and heavy body. In contrast, this limited-time offering was naturally processed in the local Koperasi mill, where the coffee cherries are meticulously hand-sorted and dried on raised beds. This processing approach, combined with a slower approach to the roasting that allows for deeper sugar development, brings out brighter notes of wine, cherry and chocolate. 

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Kerinci District
 Koperasi ALKO
Andung Sari
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