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  • Rwanda Murundo

  • $19.00

    This limited-time whole bean coffee is lightly roasted to bring out notes of citrus, caramel and chocolate, unique to the Bourbon varietal of Arabica coffee beans grown in the Rwanda Murundo region.

    Whole Bean, 12 oz

  • Roast Level: Medium-Light
    Roast Level:
    Type: Single Origin
    Single Origin
    Process: Washed

Roaster's Notes

Grown alongside the cool, humid climates of Lake Kivu and the Nyungwe Forest National Park, our Rwanda Murundo is a shining example of the coffee excellence being cultivated in the Nyamasheke district. Public Domain’s partnership with growers in this western Rwanda region is just a tiny part of a larger international effort to rebuild post-civil war, one that’s being led by local leaders such as Furaha Umwizey, our connection at Murundo Washing Station. 

Local growers cultivate the Bourbon varietal of Arabica, which, combined with the rich soil of the area, produces beans that are full of complex sugars and citric acids. This limited-time offering is lightly roasted to bring out notes of citrus, caramel and chocolate.  

If you’re curious about how a change in growing region can affect small-batch, single-source flavors, try tasting this coffee in comparison to our Direct Trade Rwanda Imfura, which was grown at a lower elevation in northeast Rwanda. We’ve roasted both of our Rwanda offerings in the same manner to allow region differences to shine. 

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Western Province 
Murundo Coffee Washing Station
Recommended Brew Method
Pour Over Automatic Brewer