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  • Ethiopian Dembi Udo

  • $19.00

    This lot produces pronounced natural aromatics with heavy fruit tones of ripe berries and chocolate

    Whole Bean, 12 oz.

  • Roast Level: Light
    Roast Level:
    Type: Single Origin
    Single Origin
    Process: Natural

Roaster's Notes

This coffee is a product of the merging of the Nefas farm and local producers and exporters Guji Highland. The land around Nefas is covered in a dense forest, setting the ideal conditions for shade grown coffees.

For over 20 years, Nefas has produced coffee grown on over 200 hectares of land; while they produce both natural and washed lots, the naturals have always been a point of emphasis for us.

During the harvest period, ripe red cherries are picked and placed directly onto raised beds and dried in the sun. Natural processed coffees must be watched very closely and are turned regularly during the drying phase to reduce the risk of over fermentation and molding.

The drying area is a wide expanse of land that is very breezy, allowing even drying of the cherries. After drying between nine and fifteen days, the coffee is then taken to the dry mill for final processing and bagging for export.

The cup shows heavy berry notes with lime acidity and the traditional winey, syrupy body. This coffee lingers and leaves you wanting the next sip.

Product Details

Guji Highlands
Recommended Brew Method
Pour Over Espresso