Public Domain Coffee offers two experiences for coffee enthusiasts ready to launch a coffee business:
the Coffee Ambassador and the Coffee Guide to start earning 10%-20% COMMISSIONS now.
Which experience is for you?

Our Coffee Ambassadors carry with them a wealth of coffee knowledge, which they relish sharing with others and can’t wait to create a unique, life-changing coffee experience right in their homes. All while getting fun perks like free coffee brewing equipment and making money to boot!



  • Build your own sales team of other Ambassadors and Coffee Guides, which funnels a percentage of commissions back to you

  • Your own coffee brewing equipment kit

  • A vanity URL that directs people to your very own Ambassador page and earns you 10%-20% COMMISSIONS ON ALL COFFEE SALES

  • Training and marketing materials to optimize your Ambassador and Ambassador team experience

  • Coffee Guide Dashboard for Communications, Sales Tracking & more

  • A coffee community through Public Domain Coffee’s social media channels and support from our experts

  • A special discounted coffee subscription with free shipping!

You put in the grind and your coffee could pay for itself.  With sales goals, bonuses, and other coffee perks the earning possibilities are endless! Our Independent Consultants, or Coffee Ambassadors and Coffee Guides are the perfect brew to our Public Domain Coffee. These are the men and women responsible for shouting the benefits of single sourced coffee from every rooftop they have access to and making money in the process. They host coffee chats, brunches, and new origin parties. They explain the collections, best practices, and seasonal releases. They manage a team of other Coffee Ambassadors and Guides who do the same things. They stay caffeinated while working remotely and using the best equipment to make each cup a moment.

Ready to join as an ambassador or coffee guide or learn more about this new coffee opportunity?

Every bean has a story.

We learn every bean’s story from farm, to roast, to your door.

Public Domain Coffee is the best resource for single source origin coffee. Farm to table coffee. Share your love of coffee and take your coffee love public and become a Public Domain ambassador and coffee guide. A portion of our profits go to water.org, making clean water accessible around the world.