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French Press Brew Guide

French fries. French dressing. French press. What would we do without the French, even knowing this glorious brew method was patented by the Italians?


  • French Press
  • Ground coffee (Coarse)
  • Hot water (205° F)
  • Spoon
  • Timer
  • Scale
  • Mug


Brew: French Press Step 1

Preheat your French Press by filling it with hot water and moving the press in a gentle swirling motion to heat the wall of the glass.

Brew: French Press Step 2

Discard the water and add ground coffee to your press. Gently level the coffee grounds.

Brew: French Press Step 3

Place on your scale and tare it. (That’s a fancy way of saying to set the scale to zero.)

In a circular motion, slowly and evenly pour over twice the hot water as you have grounds, until all are just saturated. 24g of coffee = 48g of water; 35g of coffee = 70g of water. Get it?

Brew: French Press Step 4

Start your timer. Allow your coffee to bloom for 30 seconds. Then gently stir the slurry you have created.

Brew: French Press Step 5

Fill the press with more hot water until you reach the desired weight.

Brew: French Press Step 6

Place the lid onto the press, ensuring that the plunger is in the upmost position. Hold tight. No pressing yet.

Brew: French Press Step 7

Wait until the timer reaches 4 minutes on the dot. Dance, do your French flash cards, call your BFF. When that’s done, slowly press down on the plunger handle to filter the coffee from the grounds.

Immediately pour the coffee out of the press. No over-brewing for you, my friend.

Brew: French Press Step 8

Have a post-plunge party featuring delicious coffee.