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Ever wondered how your favorite Public Domain barista brews a perfect cup of coffee?
These step-by-step guides give away our secrets to getting the most out of our craft roasted gourmet coffees at home.

Choose your method.

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Brew time: 4-5 min Advantage: This portable brewer doesn't filter out the robust natural flavor of your coffee.
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Brew time: 3-4 min Advantage: Experiment with grinds, ratios and speed of pour to create the perfect cup.
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Brew time: 2 min Advantage: Hands down the quickest method to brew a cup of coffee without sacrificing quality.
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Brew time: 12 hrs Advantage: Create a coffee concentrate that's smooth, less acidic, and stays fresh for a week.


Just because a perfect cup of coffee is a science doesn't mean it has to be difficult. Some like it so strong you can stand a spoon up in it;
while some prefer something a little less intense.

Whether you're just brewing a few cups to get you through your morning routine, or serving up enough to keep your dinner party guests awake
from some after-dinner conversation; this guide will show you how to perfectly measure out your coffee to water ratio - dependent on your boldness preference.

Here’s a helpful tip: If you’re using a standard measuring cup to measure out your water, 1g = 1 ml (ml measurements are usually shown on the opposite side from ounces on your measuring cup.)

Brew Guide