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Sipping Our Way Around the World

These days travel can be complicated – especially globetrotting travel. Fortunately, we can still experience some of the unique flavors of far-flung locales with Public Domain’s distinctive single-origin coffees. On our itinerary, we have two brand new seasonal varieties to share with you. Get your coffee passport ready and let’s go now because these varieties won’t be around forever.


Let’s start in Ethiopia, where coffee originated, with Halo Beriti. We are excited to introduce you to this delightful and somewhat delicate cup. More than most, this coffee feels like a treat. Its fruity aroma gives way to a slightly winey, limey taste as it first hits your mouth. Then the complex flavors travel through milk chocolate and finish with a hint of jasmine. 

Now on to its origins! This varietal comes to us from a small coffee producer located in the heart of Yirgacheffe Kebele. Abeyot Ageze is both a heritage Gedeo coffee grower and also manages the local coffee washing and drying station. Generations of his family have tended the rich Yirgacheffe soil, producing some of the finest coffees of the region.

On his own small farm, Abeyot grows enset (a relative of the banana grown for its starchy rhizome), potatoes, and grains, as well as coffee. In addition to his own coffee, he also processes coffee from other small, local growers.

Public Domain’s Ethiopian Halo Beriti is processed naturally. This is the traditional method and preserves the complex flavors of unique coffee beans. This process takes quite a long time (from 14-21 days, depending on weather conditions) and is labor intensive: the beans must be monitored closely during the drying process to ensure that they dry evenly and do not over ferment.


Could Panama Finca Lerida be your new daily drinker? This satisfying cup has earthy depth. Rich with hints of walnut and buttery, caramelly goodness, a sip of this well-balanced coffee finishes with a whisper of green apple acidity. As the coffee cools, the acidity drops and the sweetness takes center stage. 

This wonderful new variety comes from the Finca Lerida Coffee Estate, located near the town of Boquete within the province of Chiriqui, Panama – an ecologically sensitive and environmentally dynamic region. This estate has a rich heritage and has been exporting specialty coffee as far back as 1929.  Acutely aware of the preciousness of their unique location, the estate cultivates coffee in harmony with this natural paradise, which includes Volcan Buru National Park, La Amistad International Park, and over 550 species of birds.  

Panama Finca Lerida is a washed coffee. This method of processing was the second wave (after natural processing), developed by producers seeking more control and more consistent flavor profiles. Washed coffees typically have brighter acidity and clearer flavors. In this method of processing, the coffee cherry is picked then the skin and fruit are removed (pulped) from the seeds, leaving only the sticky mucilage layer firmly attached to the seed. Then the coffee is fermented over the next 24 hours or so. Once its properly fermented, the coffee is washed in small flumes. During washing, friction with other beans and the flume strip away the mucilage, leaving just the green coffee beans in their parchment covers. The washed beans take about 14 days to dry.