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Espresso Your Love with these Breakfast in Bed Pairings

You are a true coffee aficionado and know that sometimes, the simplest things are the best things. What better way to show the one you love you care than by treating them to breakfast in bed. We suggest keeping it simple with a tempting treat plus the perfectly prepared cup of Public Domain coffee. We’ve got some special suggestions for you here.

And don’t forget the flowers.

Seasonal Ethiopian Halo Beriti + Perfectly golden toast topped with a heart-shaped dollop of homemade raspberry jam. A delightful and somewhat delicate cup, this single-origin coffee feels like a treat. Its fruity aroma gives way to a slightly winey, limey taste as it first hits your mouth. Then the complex flavors travel through milk chocolate and finish with a hint of jasmine. It’s an elegant complement to the simplicity of toast and jam. 

Seasonal Panama Lerida + pain au chocolate  This satisfying single-origin cup has earthy depth. Rich with hints of walnut and buttery, caramelly goodness, a sip of this well-balanced coffee finishes with a whisper of green apple acidity. As the coffee cools, the acidity drops and the sweetness takes center stage. It’s the perfect foil for alternating sips with bites of pain au chocolate from your local French bakery. 

Columbia Rio Cauca + kouign-amman The light roast of this single-origin coffee preserves the natural quality of the bean, reflecting the rich, distinctive flavors of chocolate, caramel, and citrus, making it a terrific partner for a kouign-amman, if you can find one. Pronounced queen a-mahn, this treat originated in Brittany, on the northern coast of France. It is essentially flaky croissant dough with salted butter and sugar in between the layers, like a caramelized butter cake.  

Framework + almond croissant Framework is our foundational blend. So versatile you would pair nearly any breakfast treat with this easy-drinking coffee. But with its roasted nut aromatics, chocolate undertones, and slightly smoky finish we think it’s especially delightful with an almond croissant.