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Our Story. Our Cause.


When most of America thought all coffee came from a can, we were pursuing our dream to craft-roast exceptional coffee and cultivate a passion for it among the public. And after decades of sourcing and roasting exotic beans for other coffee shops, Public Domain Coffee was born. Public Domain specializes in hand-crafted, freshly roasted small-batch coffees from around the globe. No longer is remarkable coffee reserved for just the chosen few. Great coffee is now Public Domain.


At Public Domain, we source coffees to share with you from around the world with extraordinary flavor profiles that are also ethically sourced. Ethically sourced for us means sourcing our coffee from growers who are treated well, respect the environment, and support coffee-growing communities.

From our blends that are carefully designed to offer balance and harmony to our single origin coffees that highlight the specific traits of origin, we are always striving to find a coffee that will spark a conversation and elicit curiosity.