Great Coffee is Public Domain

No longer is remarkable coffee reserved for just the chosen few.

Every bean has a story.

It all starts at a coffee farm, perhaps located on the side of a steep mountain accessible only by foot. The coffee trees are tended to by generations from the same family, hand-picking cherries one season at a time, and sending them down by mule to the processing co-op where the cherry is dried out in the sun and the bean removed. From there it travels by ship in burlap bags to arrive at our roastery in Portland where we cup, scrutinize, and craft-roast with care. Allow us to introduce you to exquisite coffees from around the world.

Every bag delivers hope.

Drink up and give back. You make a difference each time you prepare a cup of Public Domain coffee. For every bag of coffee you purchase, Public Domain will make a donation to Water.org, an international nonprofit organization that continues to positively transform millions of lives around the world with access to safe water and sanitation.

Every day begins with coffee.

Our doors open at 6 a.m. in the heart of downtown Portland at Broadway and Alder, the location of the original and only Public Domain Coffee shop. Here you’ll find exceptional coffees artfully prepared, and an open invitation to experiment, explore and enjoy. If you happen to be in Portland, don’t miss the experience. And if you’re miles away, don’t worry. We’re happy to ship a bag of fresh-roasted heaven to your door.