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House Blends

Our blends are updated seasonally. Our baristas build the blends to create balance and approachability.


Prometheus Blend™

Rich chocolate and caramel flavor in a syrupy body with fruity undertones.

Prometheus is our House espresso. We design Prometheus to perform well in milk, and to meet a more traditional espresso flavor profile.


Public Domain Blend

Smooth, light acidity in a medium body with a chocolate finish and occasional notes of fruit.

Public Domain Blend is our House drip. We design Public Domain Blend to find the balance between “light” and “dark” drip coffee. You’ll find us starting our shifts with a cup of Public Domain Blend.


Cold Brew Blend

Syrupy milk chocolate and intense sweetness are the highlights of this low-acid brew.

We made the best cold brew blend in April 2010, and we’re still proud of it. Our Cold Brew is the perfect kick start to your day.



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